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I'm Tommy Merry and I am a guitarist and a filmmaker offering Free Guitar lessons. I currently play guitar for GAMMA featuring Davey Pattison. GAMMA was originally formed by Davey and Ronnie Montrose back in the 80's and had some radio hits as well as fan-classics like "Right the First Time", "Razor King", and everyone's favorite "Voyager". I first started offering free lessons for guitar players back in 1999 on my first website, but took a break the last 10 years while working on music and film projects.

Welcome to your Free Guitar Lessons! I have been playing guitar for over 30 years professionally. In addition I taught guitar one-on-one to students for about 10 years back in the early 2000’s.  I have a sincere desire to share what I have learned and so these guitar lessons allow me to give something back for the gifts that I have received from the Great Creator of the universe, so that’s why they’re free.

I have shared the stage with the some of the biggest names in rock industry, including Boston, Metallica, Quiet Riot, Joe Satriani, Deep Purple, Steve Vai, Journey, Michael Schenker, as well as written guitar music for television shows, video games, and indie films. So the guitar lessons that I’m sharing with you are from real-world experience in the industry.

Tommy Merry performing with Gamma (featuring Davey Pattison) with Deep Purple Live

This site will always be a great source of free guitar lessons for you. In addition I will also offer premium video guitar lessons. I’ll also suggest some products that I use and believe in. By clicking on those links I may receive a small commission that will allow me to pay the bills on this site, keep it up and running and filled with fresh content.

So, thanks for visiting my Free Guitar Lessons site. If you are new to guitar, you will soon be learning to play. If you already play, you are going to learn how to play MUCH better, And if you have been playing for years, I have some expert tips to share with you that will expand your horizons on guitar. So, grab that guitar, and let’s get started!

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Also visit: DaveyPattison.com to see where I’m performing with GAMMA next.