The first film I ever wrote and directed was entitled "A Form of Guilt". It was a whopping 30 minute short film that somehow ended up getting an actual theatrical release for a month. The bug had bitten me! I read a mountain of books on filmmaking, casting, directing, cinematography and editing. I then finished up my informal training by enrolling in an online college course that was a joint venture between UCLA, Australian Film, Television and Radio School and the National Film and Television School of Great Britain, called Global Film School.

That gave me the incentive to direct my award-winning, short horror film #19 that won first place at the Nightmare to Remember film festival in San Francisco, and recived serveral unsolicited digital distribution deals.

At the same time, I was working as a webmaster at Sun Microsystems, and ended up transitioning to video production for the company. When my tenure ended at Sun, I began working as a freelance video journalist and producing literally 100's of corporate and music videos while working on my filmmaking craft.

I have been developing a number of screenplays for the last 5 years with two very talented co-authors: Jason White and Curtis Pennington.

Here we are in 2018...

I'm presently looking for faith-based feature films to direct. Please Contact me if you are: