Tommy Merry


  • Music Video - Requiem for the Dead

    [Director/Editor/VFX] This music video was featured on the cover of Revolver Magazine and received over 1/4 million hits in the first 4 days it was online. It features the incredible talents of Steven Juliano and Requiem for the Dead.

  • Horror WebSeries: Invocation

    [Directed/Edited] This is episode three of my horror series, "Invocation". It's a fun project I work on in my spare time to experiment with special effects (After Effects) and hot-rodded camera rigs.

  • Horror Film - Number 19

    [Director/Editor] Trailer for an award-winning horror film I directed, written by Curt Pennington.

  • Music Video - Requiem for the Dead

    This is the first video I directed for the band Requiem for the Dead. Foregoing B-Roll, it focuses on the band's high-energy stage performance.

  • Music Video: The Element

    [Directed/Edited] This music video from the fantastic Brazilian band, "The Element", was featured on Eddie VanHalen's VHS and Morley Pedals' websites.

  • Music Video: Michael Ahern

    [Directed/Edited] This music video features the Americana stylings of coastside rocker Michael Ahern.

  • Zaytuna Islamic College Berkeley, CA.

    This is a promotional piece I edited for Zaytuna College, for Lobitos Creek Films.

  • Virgin America & Google

    [Camera Operator] This project was a lot of fun to shoot. We spent a lot of time in the planes and down on the tarmac.

  • Cooking Show

    I was the dolly & camera operator (omni-tracker) on camera 1 for this cooking show Airing on SKY TV. Autism Mothers TV and Polly Tommey visited leading Autism Nutritionist, Julie Matthews during 6 Episodes in Summer 2011. It was a great program with lots of good food to eat between takes ;-)

  • Music Video: Panic is Perfect

    [Director/DP/Editor/VFX] This video was for PIP's song "Washed Out". Granted an artistic license to interpret their song as I envisioned it, I explored many creative visuals in bringing this video to life.

  • Photography

    A photo I shot of model, Alexis Nicole Williams, on the set of the music video for the band The Element.

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